Scholarly Activities Database

AMSER, ACER and ALAAR (The Alliance of Leaders in Academic Affairs in Radiology) were awarded an AAR R&E Venture Fund Grant in 2023 to develop an online scholarly activity database for institutions. A version of this database has been used successfully at Dartmouth Health Radiology for 8 years. A demo database can be found here (self register, for additional admin access contact [email protected]).  A brief video of most of the database functions can be seen here and detailed instructions and more instructional videos here.

This database will be made available free of charge to AAR members. Institutions will have to pay for the subscription (start at $50 per month) and a subscription (start at $9 per month). Institutions will also be responsible for any institutional-specific modifications as detailed here. Some modifications require a Knack programmer, others can be done by local IT/Admin departments.

For further details, please contact [email protected]

Modules currently within the ALAAR Scholarly Activity Database

Current modules can be modified and additional modules can added by local IT, Admin in some cases or a Knack Programmer

  1. Faculty demographics and other data
  2. Scholarly and service activities recording and analysis
  3. Scopus publication history download.
  4. CV print out
  5. Annual faculty meeting reports
  6. Evaluation uploads, including lectures on the schedule
  7. Lecture curriculum and schedule
  8. Promotion committee reviews
  9. ACGME scholarly data summation
  10. "My Profile" containing all demographic and activity data