Radiology Research Alliance (RRA)



RRA Task Forces

RRA has Task Forces on various radiology topics. Read more here.

2024-25 RRA Officers

Omer A. Awan, MD, MPH

Summer J. Decker, PhD

Nadja Kadom, MD

Navid Faraji, MD

Immediate Past President
Benjamin D. Spilseth, MD

The primary mission of the Radiology Research Alliance (RRA) is to encourage interdisciplinary research in radiology and the radiological sciences by helping departments establish and improve their research programs. At research symposia at the AAR, the RRA stimulates innovative interdisciplinary approaches to research and addresses the challenges of radiological research at the various stages of career development.

To enhance dialogue among organizations and to further this mission, the RRA has also organized a Liaison Committee. This committee is composed of representatives from the NIH, major national and international radiological and radiological science societies, and radiology subspecialty associations, and prepares a syllabus on the research opportunities available in radiology and the radiological sciences.

The purposes of our organization are:

A. To encourage multidisciplinary research.

B. To help departments establish and improve radiology and radiological sciences research programs.

C. To stimulate innovative research in radiology and radiological sciences by conducting research symposia at the AAR.

D. To support members in their professional development.

Our slogan is "RRACE for a better future" — "Radiology Research at the Cutting Edge for a better future."


RRA Rules of Operation