About ACER

In 2007, the AAR Board of Directors approved the creation of the Alliance of Clinician-Educators in Radiology (ACER). This alliance joins the AAR family of organizations, working to advance the interests and efforts of this large and growing segment of academic radiology faculty.

ACER Rules of Operation 

ACER's Mission:

  • Providing a formal organization and forum for clinician-educators to meet, exchange ideas, and learn new skills that promote and advance the careers of clinician-educators.
  • Providing programming at the annual AAR meeting targeted towards the needs of clinician-educators.
  • Developing and maintaining an information and networking database for the benefit, awareness, and nurturing of clinician-educators.
  • Promoting and developing educational research activities relevant to clinician-educators.

We Need You

ACER supports its members in many ways, both through the annual meetings and by providing resources. To keep up these resources being produced and up to date, we need members to be involved in committees, willing to moderate or give talks, provide ideas and contribute or review resources such as images, question items and lectures. If you are willing to help, please contact the ACER President. Additional specific requests are listed below.

To join a committee:
 Contact the appropriate committee chair.

  • To submit resources to the site: Contact the chair of the Electronics Committee
  • To become a mentor: Contact the ACER President
  • To suggest ideas or volunteer for the annual ACER program: Contact the chair of the Program Planning Committee