Musculoskeletal Special Interest Group (MSK SIG)

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Chair: Felix Chew, MD

The MSK SIG is a special interest group of the Association of Academic Radiology. All members of the AAR with an interest in academic musculoskeletal radiology are welcome to join.

The purposes of the MSK SIG are:

  • To provide an organization and forum for academic musculoskeletal radiologists to meet, exchange ideas, learn new skills, and propose policies that promote the subspecialty, its academic practice, and its academic practitioners;
  • To develop and maintain an information and networking database for the benefit, awareness, nurturing, and development of academic musculoskeletal radiologists;
  • To develop materials and provide programs related to the education, training, and continuing education of musculoskeletal radiologists;
  • To facilitate and develop collaborative planning and programming with the other AAR-related organizations;
  • To promote and develop educational and educational research activities and programs related to academic musculoskeletal radiology; and
  • To represent academic musculoskeletal radiologists at a national and international level.