Radiology Management Program

The Radiology Management Program is designed for approximately 30 radiologists and administrators and focuses on management and leadership training and is based primarily on the case-study method, in combination with keynote talks.

This program is open to radiologists and administrators. This program is not intended for junior faculty.

  • Program participants must be AAR members.
  • Program participants will be required to register for the AAR Meeting.

 Program highlights include:

  • Compensation for Academic Radiologists: Productivity Based Plans
  • Academic Radiology Expansion into Regional Practice
  • Academic Radiology Departments Relationship with Industry
  • Designing the Academic Mission in an Era of Constraints
  • Staffing: Introducing DEI to the Equation
  • Principles of Negotiation for Radiology Leaders

Your chairs acknowledgement of support of your participation is also needed. The request will be sent via email by the system. Only one candidate per institution may apply for each program, please allow enough time for your chair to respond with their support so that your application is complete prior to the deadline.

Applications for this program will open later in 2024. 

Preliminary Program