AAR College of Fellows

Fellow of AAR is an honor granted to an AAR member in continuous good standing who has made exceptional contributions to the AAR and the academic radiology community as a whole. Fellows may use the Fellow of AAR (FAAR) designation and will be recognized during the Annual Meeting.

To be eligible for the Fellow of AAR designation, members must be in good standing for at least seven years of full membership and have made significant contributions in academic radiology specifically focused on the AAR, its mission, and its affiliated groups.

Criteria for Fellowship 

Approved by the Board of Directors April 2024

  • Minimum of 7 years of full membership and qualifying criteria
  • Candidates are expected to have an overall well-rounded academic record of success
  • Service to academic radiology and the AAR at local, regional, national and international levels. Areas to be considered will include administration, mentorship, professionalism, research, teaching, service to and leadership in organized medicine, and overall scholarship, with an emphasis on service to AAR and the field of academic radiology.
  • For all levels, at least some of the contributions should be related to AAR, its affinity groups, or affiliated societies.  Examples for some of the accomplishments that might fall into the different tiers are provided; however, this list is not comprehensive.   
    • 7-9 years full membership — EXCEPTIONAL        
      international and/or national prominence with substantial contributions to academic radiology, AAR and its mission. 
      E.G. leadership within AAR, its affinity groups, or affiliated societies; substantial contributions to research, teaching, and mentorship; educational scholarship;  

    • 10-12 years full membership — OUTSTANDING       
      national and regional prominence 
      E.G. Service to academic radiology and its mission at the national and regional levels; strong mentorship and sponsorship of others; some leadership such as chair of a committee or major contributor to curricular development or research; some scholarship; speaker at AAR annual meeting

    • 13-15 years full membership — EXEMPLARY
      regional prominence 
      E.G. Regional reputation as major contributor to academic radiology, research, teaching , and service; participant on AAR or affiliated societies’ committee(s); presenter at AAR annual meeting (oral or poster); some scholarship

    • 16+ years full membership — LONG-STANDING
      local prominence 
      E.G. long-time member who contributes primarily locally to the academic mission; engaged with AAR by regular attendance at annual meeting, serving on committee, mentoring/sponsoring others; many contributions that might go “under the radar” but cumulatively add up to a substantial contribution to the organization; presenter at AAR annual meeting (oral or poster)


The AAR Fellows Nominating Committee reviews all applications and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for final election.

Application Process

The Fellows of the AAR application process has closed for the 2023-24 cycle. The application will open again in the Summer. 

Required to submit with the application are: 

  • a personal statement describing your contributions to AAR and academic radiology as outlined above (not to exceed 1,500 words), and  
  • a current CV 

In addition, two (2) letters of support from current AAR members are required.


Fellows of the AAR