AAR Research and Education Foundation

Mission: The mission of the Association of Academic Radiology Research and Education Foundation is to advance the interests of individual academic radiologists and of the academic radiology community through consistent financial support of academic programming, scholarship, and innovation.

President's Message

Dear Colleague,

I encourage every member of the greater Radiology community to participate in the advancement of our specialty, given that the strength of our future and ability to impact patient care rests with all of us. This invitation is explicitly extended to everyone and not just those in academics programs.

One may initially ask, why are the AAR and the AAR R&E Foundation separate? This answer centers on clarity of mission and to prevent conflict of interest. The AAR R&E Foundation strives to fulfill its mission in two ways: 1) developing and maintaining an endowment to provide meaningful support and 2) awarding grants, fellowships, stipends and other financial support to our members, either individually or as a part of an affinity group.

We encourage your participation on both of our critical fronts to maintain our momentum and meaningful impact. Our past success has been a direct reflection of inspired and forward thinking colleagues giving meaningful donations of all sizes. Donations to the AAR R&E Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, by individuals are deductible as a charitable gift.

Synchronous leadership with the AAR Board has promoted and prompted the AAR R&E Foundation to roll out multiple annual and bi-annual grants. Our current portfolio now includes:

Consider designating your contribution to honor a colleague, to celebrate a special life event, or to recognize the accomplishment of a teacher or mentor. There are options to endow programming, an award or a named lecture. Members of the Foundation Board would be happy to work with you to make your gift meaningful. I challenge every AAR member and our extended network of affiliates to contribute, and to acknowledge what the AAR organization has done for each of us individually and to our specialty. I look forward to personally thanking you for your contribution.


Christopher M. Straus, MD, FAAR
President, AAR Research and Education Foundation

Donate to the Research and Education Foundation

The AAR R&E Foundation was incorporated in November 2001 as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States. The Foundation Bylaws were formally approved by the AAR Board and subsequently by the AAR membership at the 2003 AAR meeting. Donations to the AAR R&E Foundation by individuals are deductible as charitable gift contributions.