A³CR² Membership


The American Alliance of Academic Chief Residents had a great year with 195 members, which is an increase from previous years. There are select privileges bestowed upon members of the A3CR2 including access to member’s only portions of the A3CR2 program and enhanced networking opportunities while at the AAR/A3CR2 meeting. Additional benefits of membership include year-long access to the annual chief resident survey and future podcasts, networking opportunities, and the potential to hold leadership positions within the Alliance. There is also the opportunity to represent the A3CR2 at annual meetings such as the ACR and AMA. While a portion of the AAR program will be available to non-members, select, highly desired portions of the program will require an A3CR2 ribbon, provided at the meeting for members, for admission.


Membership entails an annual payment of $75, which is separate from AAR dues. For the first time, former chief residents will have the opportunity to maintain non-voting membership within the Alliance, thus providing an avenue for continued involvement and mentoring opportunities (cost: $75).

How to Apply

Please fill out the Application Form.