Resources for Applying to Residency

AMSER Guide to Applying for Radiology Residency - Version 12: July 2023
Alliance of Medical Student Educators in Radiology residency application guide

Careers in Medicine (Association of American Medical Colleges)
Choosing a specialty tool
Information and timeline on getting into residency
Information pages on over 100 specialties and subspecialties, including latest match data and compensation rel="noopener noreferrer" surveys

Choosing a Specialty (Washington University School of Medicine)
Information on training, fellowships, lifestyle, and competitiveness of individual specialties

Medscape Physician Lifestyle Report
Survey of 29,000 U.S. physicians across 25 specialties

Medscape Physician Compensation Report
Survey of 24,000 U.S. physicians across 25 specialties

FREIDA Online (American Medical Association)
Information on program size, visas, work schedule and benefits for each residency training program
Training statistics and average residency work hours for each specialty and subspecialty

National Resident Matching Program Data and Reports
Charting Outcomes in The Match, 2011: how applicant qualifications such as USMLE scores, AOA status, and number of interviews affect Match success
Results of the 2011 NRMP Applicant Survey: factors that applicants weigh when selecting programs at which to interview and to rank for the Match
Results of the 2010 NRMP Program Director Survey: factors use for granting interviews and ranking applicants

Visiting Student Application Service
Apply for senior electives at U.S. medical schools and teaching hospitals

Electronic Residency Application Service
Application for residency